Friday, September 23, 2011


Must install DGMGRL on an observer computer (Not on the same DB server)
1) Install complete Oracle Client Administrator
2) Install a full db installation

1. PRE-REQS Must be in max availability or max performance
2. LogXptMode
LogXptMode must be in SYNC in max availability for 11g
LogXptMode must be in ASYNC in max performance for 11g
3. FLASHBACK DB must be enabled on primary and standby
4. tnsnames.ora must be configured on the observer
5. A static service name must exist so the observer can automatically restart databases.

You can start the observer before or after you enable fast-start failover. If fast-start failover is already enabled, the observer immediately begins monitoring the status and connections to the primary and target standby databases. If fast-start failover is not already enabled, the observer waits until fast-start failover gets enabled and then begins monitoring.

# startobserver
dgmgrl -logfile 11g_observer.log << eof
connect sys/oracle@bhuvan

You can check the process in the unix side, whether the process is running
Ps –ef|grep filename

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