Wednesday, February 1, 2012

PRVF-4007 : User equivalence check failed

when you are running pre-check using utility.

./ stage -pre crsinst -n  bhuora01,bhuora02  -verbose > /tmp/bhuora01.txt

#  if you get the below issue

PRVF-4007 : User equivalence check failed

Please check whether ssh is working from the node-1 to node-2 and at the same time check whether you are able to do a ssh to the same host.

from node#1

[oracle@ bhuora01  grid]$ ssh  bhuora02  date --> to other nodes in the cluster
Wed Feb  1 16:29:38 GMT 2012

[oracle@ bhuora01  grid]$ ssh  bhuora01  date --> to the same node
Wed Feb  1 16:29:39 GMT 2012

if it is working, precheck should complete with out any issues. check for the file permission.
authorized_keys should have 600 permission from the corresponding user.

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